Tuesday, May 15, 2007

英式管理 vs 美式管理

从去年开始HSBC亚太区的IT由多年的英式管理转为美式管理。Folks, why don't just pick up the phone and make a call? 新老板经常会这样说。下面是总结下来感觉美英管理风格的关键字。

A: directive/participative/aggressive/concise/clear-objective/fast-food
B: class-conscious/political/easygoing/humorous/bureaucratic/conservative

看起来似乎英式管理完全处于下风,有人认为这主要是因为管理者缺少实践的经验,缺少必要的培训,无法适应不断变化的形势,缺少长远的眼光。英国人自嘲的这段话比较有意思: "That is why we now have a Swede as the manager of the England football team, a New Zealander training the English Rugby Union team, Americans running the Financial Times and the London Underground, a Frenchman trying to sort out the mess of the Greenwich Dome, a Belgian and a Brazilian at the head of major high-street retailers and for the fact that many Chairman and Chief Executives of major companies and Banks in UK are not British. (year 2000)"


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