Sunday, July 15, 2007

Transformers is COOOL!

Just saw Transformers in a IMAX cinema (although no IMAX version for Transformers) and came back. Yes, it's very very cool, just as I expected.

I grew up with the likes of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Mirage and Prowl...I still remember that after I got a good score in the exam, father would buy me a model. I had many autobots models and some decepticons such as Starscream, Devastator to make my wars. Almost 20 years passed, now it's time for nostalgia.

The other reason that I went to the cinema is ILM. They made the most incredible movies and never let the fans down. But there are still some imperfections in the movie: Some of the decepticons seems more complex but less colorful than in the cartoon TV series. As a result, in the fight scenes it's difficult to distinguish them. On the other hand some decepticons such as Frenzy and Starscream are too ugly - too bright or too imaginary, are they just made by metal pieces and sticks?

Transformers may not be the best of the best movie this summer, but simply it will be the most highly anticipated movie this year. I love it and will be looking forward to the continuation.

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