Saturday, August 25, 2007

Start from the End

"the Lookout" is really a very good movie which received 7.5/10 on IMDb.

Chris was a very good high school ice hockey player. One night he drived with his headlights off to please his girl friend using fireflies but it killed his two best friends and took one leg of his girl friend. He lost everything and was only left with a brain injury that prevented him from remembering many things for extended periods of time. He had to keep notes in a small notebook to aid him in remembering what he is to do and worked as a night cleaning man in a bank.

Then he was invovled in a bank rob as he would like to get more money and more power which were considered the only way he could become the one he was before. Fianlly after something about love and friendship, he gave it up and returned to kill the heister also saved his friend.

Actually I have different point of view with the writer (also director)Scott Frank on this movie. From the poster and trailer you may think this movie is about the heist in the bank of a small town. The poster even tells you that the most important thing is "the money" which means "the power". But in fact it's a very good movie about how a bad boy became a real man after disabled and how he started from the end. Your mind will be refreshed after you watch this movie. I like what Chris said at the end of the movie:

"I don't know if that will happen.
I guess I'll just have to work backwards from there."

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