Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Madridistas to get something to sing about

It comes from an article on Reuters' soccer blog.

While England belt out “God Save the Queen” before their matches, and France link arms for an emotional chorus of the “Marseillaise”, “la Furia Roja” hum or “tra, la, la,…” along to the wordless Spanish anthem.* Well, everyone except Luis Aragones who sings along with his own mysterious lyrics.

There is same problem in Bernabeu stadium. No songs are sung during the matches. Or
even a few fans are singing, it doesn't sound encouraging (some guys are drumming and singing "ah ~ ah^ ah$#%@*"). People only cheer over goals or victory, which make the players feel less powerful than in England or Germany. What we need should be clear and louder, boiling, martial, or just like "illa, illa, illa, Juanito maravilla!" in the 7th minute. The problem may come from the Spanish language itself... So is Chinese.

PS: The British national anthem has the same tune as that of Liechtenstein, which caused confusion when the two sides met in qualification for Euro 2004. One observer quipped that the supporters were dismayed because they did not know which one to boo. ;-)

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