Monday, September 17, 2007

One Sentence to Describe Each Telco (in their own words)

Submitted by Michael Morris on

AT&T - "We're the biggest, we're the best, and you will enjoy paying for that!"

BT - "AT&T, European-style...."

Verizon - "Global network, got it; great technology, got it; customer service ---- DOH...forget that one every time."

Sprint - "You want some wireless with that?"

Nextel - "Why, oh why, did we let Sprint buy us?"

Quest - "Never mind that whole money meltdown thingy, we're so much more honest now even the US government buys from us".

NTT - "We're great in Asia!"

China Telecom - "It's great to be a monopoly, especially with communism backing you up."

Telmex - "Yeah, we're still a monopoly."

Deutsche Telecom - "I need to finish my beer before troubleshooting that E-1."

And finally, any state-owned international PTT - "Whoa, it's 5 PM, I'll be leaving now, we'll fix that critical backbone OC-12 in the morning."

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