Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some Comments on the New Real Madrid

The new Real Madrid has just won the 300th European Champions game. Both Raul and V. Nistelrooy scored to renew their record. Robben made his first cap with Real Madrid. Casillas also became the captain during the last minutes for the first time. Some comments on the new Real Madrid:

Do We Need Dual-DM?

Diego seemed unstoppable in the morning and some people think it was due to Gago’s bad performance. I don’t think so. Gago did a very good job in the match – very positive, keep running and struggling hard although he not strong enough yet. You can not asking for more as Gago was the only defending midfielder in front of the central defenders and Real Madrid is not used to defending. Now here’s the question: Do we need dual DMs? I will say NO, definitely. The only reason is – it’s REAL MADRID. What should Real Madrid do? Attack, Attack and Attack! Even we may lose more goals than before, we will score much more.

Who Should be the DL?

People thought it would be difficult to find a replacement to Roberto Carlos after his departure this summer but suddenly we have multiple good choices: experienced Heinze, talented Drenthe, Spanish new star Torres and Carlos II – Marcelo. From defending point of view, the sequence should be Heinze > Torres > Drenthe > Marcelo while the sequence should be reversed from attacking point of view. So rotation is reasonable and the first choice should depend on the opponent in the game. On the other hand, Torres could be a backup for the DR position and Drenthe might be rebuilt to a DM like Davis.

The Attackers

In the upcoming games Shuster will have happy bothers about the first team squad. Real Madrid has more than enough world-class AM/FWs: Guti, Robinho, Robben, Higuain, Sneidjer, Baptista and they have to fight for 3 first-team positions. Guti is Madridista’s favorite, Robinho is the best AM last season, Robben has the most expects, Sneidjer is untouchable and Higuain has the best attitude. In my opinion, Baptista should be sold in the winter. Higuain is young and humble which will make him a good backup player. Then we have to give up one super start from Guti, Robinho and Robben if no injury and ban. Fortunately all of them have the experience of rotation. Given Real Madrid is dreaming of winning all three trophies this season and many of the team will be called by their national teams, there should not be big problem. If I have to prioritize, the result will be Sneidjer > Robinho > Robben > Guti > Higuain > Baptista although I like Guti most.

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