Friday, August 29, 2008

Hello Madrid (from China)

Hi everyone. I'm from, the biggest Chinese website and BBS of Real Madrid fans. We have more than 84,000 registers. I would like to introduce a little of we Chinese RM fans.

There were few RM fans in China before mid-1990s. The first batch of Chinese RM fans grew up after Bernabeu stadium was built. When the team won the first La Liga title in 1990s and was reinforced with Redondo, Carlos, Suker and Mijatovic, more and more young people in China began to know the white giant. Meanwhile La Liga and UCL games started to be broadcasted and reported in the news, which brought up more real fans of RM. The number of fans increased smoothly until end of 20th century. When Florentino Perez was elected to be the president and the time of "Los Galacticos" came, RM fans did proliferate in China especially when the team came to China. But after that passion was also gone quickly, leaving only the loyal fans.

Maybe the Chinese fans are more open and loyal than what you think. Most of us have to sit up late (usually 02:00 - 06:00 AM) every weekend in the season in order to watch the live match of our team. We know the resplendent history of the club, we know the statistics of every current player and all kinds of other detailed things of them. Many Chinese fans fly to Madrid just to watch a match of their favorite team. Some of them also wait outside the entrance of Valdebebas just like the spanish fans. The interesting thing is that Barca also has some fans in China and the RM fans here are also very opposite.

Regarding the club and the team, the Chinese fans are also separated in to groups. Some of us think Florentino Perez was a very great president and he started a new phase of the club. He globalized the club (which some of you may don't like), brought more superstars and improved the economy of the club. But others hate him because he sold Redondo and abandoned the traditional spirit of the club, just did everything for money. The other dispute is about our captain. Some fans would rather to leave him on the bench because he has passed his best time, while it's totally unacceptable to some other fans (especially many girls).

We are just loyal fans of Real Madrid like you. We support the team and the club from China. Thanks to Real Madrid because it gives us a lot of happiness. Thanks to the spanish fans for sharing your favorite with us. We are always with the team. Juntos Podemos!


Minako said...

I like Madrid,I am glad that there is a fan of Madrid in China.

magua said...

Greetings from Spain, Howard!

I love to hear there are Real Madrid fans all over the world!

magua said...

Greetings from Spain, Howard!