Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Real Madrid News in Relation to Asia

I'm a loyal fan of Real Madrid in Shanghai, China. Since there was live broadcast of Real Madrid matches in China, I have to stay up late in the weekends, sometimes even in the morning (3 or 5AM) of Monday. This should be the case for most Real Madrid fans in China, Southeast Asia and Japan. It’s really not pleasant experience if you have to go to work after only 3 or 4 hours sleeping every Monday.

When Florentino Perez became president of Real Madrid again, I knew there might be some changes. Mr Florentino may not be as good as some others at sports, but he is really a good businessman. I think that’s enough for a president (of course, he will be a perfect president if he is also very good at sports).

The first good news I got was that Florentino requested to change the time of Real Madrid league matches. To be honest, I think Real Madrid fans outside Europe understand that it’s Spanish custom to have dinner late and play/watch football matches late. But to be selfish, it will be great if we can watch live Real Madrid matches at 21:00 or 22:00 (15:00 Madrid time, we don’t have summer time in China). Meanwhile, I think the number of Real Madrid fans in Asia will increase dramatically and it will bring Real Madrid more benefit. I’m not talking about the hero shirts sale because I don’t think it can bring Real Madrid much money. The advertisement and TV broadcast contracts should be the main part of club benefit increase. Why the English league can have matches in the afternoon? They have the most fans in Asia now. Florentino’s request may be denied anyway, but at least it’s a good try. But if it comes to truth, I will say thanks to Florentino, and of course, thanks to the Real Madrid fans in Spain.

The second good news I got is that Real Madrid may travel to China in August, 2010. We still remember the pomp in year 2003. It was like a national festival for the football fans across China. I will definitely go to watch the match (if Real Madrid come to Shanghai instead of Beijing this time LOL). I did notice that some people criticized that Real Madrid’s Asia tour made negative impact to the team’s preparation of the new season. I agree to it from sports point of view. But as a global club, you have to expand your market to get more income and you should go globally to attract/please more fans.

I also read an article on saying that China national football team may have a friendly match with Real Madrid in Bernabeu before Christmas. Personally I’m not very interested at it because China national football team is not on the same level as Real Madrid so maybe it’s a good idea for Real Madrid to refuse the invitation to leave the players more time with their family.

Finally I’d like to share my point on Florentino Perez. As I mentioned, he’s an excellent businessman and a good president. My favorite player of Real Madrid is Redondo, who was sent away by Florentino. But I don’t hate Florentino. I think every Real Madrid fan should appreciate what he did for the club (and for himself, sure). Maybe not everyone likes him, but at least we have no reason to hate him.

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